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Our forums are up and running and have been tested successfully. We have decided that to be able to visit our forums and view sensitive content that they may have we ask you to register first. We feel that this gives a better level of protection for our users of it. Thank you all in …


Deltrice’s Head Shave

We were approached by Deltrice who is a young teenager from Swindon who wanted to shave her head for us (she has her mums consent). Deltrice informed us that she understands that grief is very personal and sometimes people find it hard to talk about and wanted to help raise some money and spread awareness …


Twilight Walk Update

On 29th February 2020, we had a charity Twilight walk organised by the Toothill Youth Centre in Swindon. This was our first charity event and it was a massive success. The people at the Toothill Youth Club did such a great job, they organised it from start to finish, planned at a route, and even …