The guys from the Viking Beard Club UK are doing amazingly!
For every pound lost there is a pound donated. Weigh-ins at the end of the first week.


Steve – start weight – 259lbs – Lost 3lb now 256lb

Jason – start weight – 300lbs – Lost 4lb now 296lb

Scott (Opie) – start weight – 259lbs – Lost 1lb now 258lb

Dan – start weight – 228lbs – Lost 7lb now 221lb

Shaun (Cap) – start weight – 246lbs – Lost 1.5lb now 244.5lb

Pete – start weight – 188lbs – Is gaining weight for the gym 2.4lb now 190.4lb

Start Weight Combined of 1480lbs

Thats 18.9lbs this week!

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